A program of the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund, Leaders of Tomorrow provides full ($5,000), half ($2,500) or quarter ($1,250) tuition for select children with a demonstrated need, who are identified by their principal to be a student of strong academics, good character and leadership potential.

As an investor in the education of a child, donors will be invited to an annual Leaders of Tomorrow celebration, where scholarship recipients and donors alike come together to witness and celebrate the learning and transformation of our Leaders of Tomorrow students.

Student Profile

Joshua is 12 years old and a student at All Saints Catholic School in eighth grade. His favorite subject in school is math and he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. In his spare time he likes to read fiction and historical novels . He also plays soccer for the Norwalk Youth Soccer League.

No stranger to the spotlight, Joshua is a member of the All Saints Catholic School Drama Club and while in 6th grade, was part of the ensemble of the “Sound of Music”. As a seventh grader, he played a lead role as Daddy Warbucks in “Annie.”

Joshua is kind, conscientious ,highly motivated and an enthusiastic student with a positive attitude. He is an exemplary Leader of Tomorrow and demonstrates, academic excellence, leadership and Christian values. Thanks to the Leaders of Tomorrow grant, Joshua’s parents are able to provide the Catholic education they value for their children.

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