Leaders of Tomorrow … and Today!

April 9, 2022 | Foundations in Education | Media Mentions News

“My heart is filled with gratitude. I just want to thank those of you in the room who are investing in the lives of these remarkable young women and men,” shared Bishop Frank J. Caggiano at the annual Foundations in Education Leaders of Tomorrow Reception.

Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) represent students from Diocesan elementary schools who have demonstrated financial need and are identified by their principals as possessing strong academics, good character and leadership potential.

Speaking to the students, Bishop added, “We are here because God has given you so many gifts and talents and we see that in you. We call you leaders of tomorrow but whether you realize it or not, you are also leaders of today.”

The annual breakfast reception brings together LOT students, their families and principals, and the donors who sponsor a portion of their tuition. Over 200 gathered in person this year on April 7 at Vazzano’s Four Seasons Restaurant in Stratford to celebrate the sixty-six Leaders across the Diocese of Bridgeport.

Donors to Foundations in Education who direct their giving to Leaders of Tomorrow help subsidize the cost of a Catholic elementary school tuition for one or more students by providing for each child’s tuition up to $6,000 per year, partial at $3,000 per year, or a quarter at $1,500 per year. As an investor in the education of a child, these special donors provide a life-enhancing gift and help transform the life of a student as well as their own through the gracious and selfless act of giving.

Foundations in Education Board of Trustees Member, Andrea Maldon, shared her perspective as an LOT sponsor.

“I support the entire mission of Foundations in Education but Leaders of Tomorrow is my favorite aspect. It is so special to be able to meet your sponsored student in person and to get to know them.”

Maldon added, “A Catholic education is priceless in so many ways. I was a student who benefited from a Catholic education in the Diocese of Bridgeport many years ago. As an adult, seeing and reflecting on how my parents sacrificed to give me one of the greatest gifts they could – the foundation of a Catholic education – makes me want to give back  so that more students can benefit from that very same environment.”

This year’s LOT student speaker, Sophie DeCastro, who is in the seventh grade at St. Theresa School in Trumbull, was also able to share her gratitude.

“I would like to thank the donors of Foundations in Education and principals that have made this opportunity possible for us and our families. I think that your kind donations are very appreciated by everyone here today. Without your support, I do not think I would be attending Saint Theresa School today. May God bless all of you.”

Leaders of Tomorrow is a unique program of the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund. If you are interested in sponsoring a student, or wish to learn more, contact Holly Doherty-Lemoine at 203.416.1642 or holly@foundationsineducation.org