Leader of Tomorrow Profile – Julia Basseto

May 9, 2018 | Foundations in Education | Student Profile

Click here to hear Julia’s speech at the 2018 Spring Gala.

My name is Julia Basseto and I am 10 years old. I have attended Assumption Catholic School since PK. I am currently in 6th Grade.

When I grow up I want to be a Mineralogist (Geologist). I have been fascinated with this since I was three years old and I love spending my time studying rocks and minerals. My favorite is Opal.

Assumption Catholic School makes me feel special and helps me grow academically and spiritually. My school offers a lot of extra activities like, basketball, book club, art Club, robotics, music, bowling club and more, I really enjoy participating in these programs.

I play violin, I am a member of the robotics and art club and also I sing in the choir. I was honored to represent Assumption at the “Barnum Festival Contest” which was a fantastic experience. This year I was invited to play Violin at the open house.

With all of our academic classes, the school provides all students a strong foundation that we need to succeed in life. At Assumption the kids have a “voice”, they are really part of the school as a family. To be at Assumption has had a great impact in my life, it makes me more confident, generous, intelligent and is helping me building my faith in a wonderful way. The teachers really want us to try our best, they are very supportive, wise, kind and fair (sometimes they gave us a lot homework but it is ok).

I know that without the generosity of the donors who support Foundations in Education, I would not have the opportunity to attend this amazing Catholic School that provides the knowledge and values I am looking for that will allow me to have a brilliant future.

I am grateful and fortunate to receive the tuition assistance from the Foundations in Education which supports many dreamers and believers just like me. I am looking forward to donating and giving back to the Foundation someday to assist students like me.