Foundations Board Members Among Those Bestowed Papal Honors

October 3, 2018 | Foundations in Education | General Media Mentions

Medal Recipients Are “Messengers And Protectors”

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BRIDGEPORT—In a joyful and reverent Evening Vespers Service lifted by the music of the Diocesan Youth Choir and the Latin Schola of St. Augustine Cathedral, Bishop Frank Caggiano conferred Papal Honors on 20 men and women from the diocese.

“There are angels in our midst,” said the Bishop, explaining that the prayer service was held on the Feast of the Archangels, Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

The Bishop said that angels are “messengers and protectors who bring the message of God and his presence in the world.”

Praising the medal recipients for generously sharing their experience, talent and gifts with those in need, the bishop said “They’ve become messengers of the presence, mercy and hope of God.”

During the beautiful one-hour prayer service the bishop inducted ten men and women into the Order of Saint Gregory the Great and ten into the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Sylvester, Pope and Martyr.

“Bless these insignia and those who will receive them. Renew within these men and women the gifts of Your Spirit that they may continue to serve Your Church” the Bishop said in the blessing of the medals after the reading and his homily.

The recipients, many of them couples, came forward as Fr. Robert Kinnally, Pastor of St. Aloysius Church in New Canaan, read their names and the Bishop congratulated them.

“Our sisters and brothers are being given a great and richly deserved honor by Pope Francis, the successor of Peter himself,” the Bishop said.

“You’ve left the world for the better because of your witness of faith and love,” said the Bishop to the recipients. “You have changed lives for the better throughout our diocese. The Holy Father wants to say ‘thank you.’”

The Bishop said that it is not only up to the angels to reflect God’s presence, “All of us are the only instruments God has of His mercy, patience and kindness. You and I are the only hands, feet, and voices He has to reach the world.”

“Thanks for being our light in a world that is perhaps growing darker, and for charity in a word that is divided and polarized. You’ve reached the lives of so many and all people of goodwill are saying thank you today,” the Bishop said.

The 100-member Diocesan Youth Choir led by Mary Bozzuti Higgins sang a memorable arrangement of Open My Eyes/Amazing Grace as a prelude and led the singing of the three antiphons. The St. Augustine Schola sang the Magnificat in Latin and joined the Youth Choir for the final Salve Regina.

Pastors, priests, friend and families, and all those in attendance joined the honorees in a reception following the service. A large white tent was set up along the Cathedral as guests enjoyed refreshments in the beautiful early autumn light.

Induction into the Order of Saint Gregory the Great
This honor is bestowed upon Catholics and, in some cases, non-Catholics, to express the esteem of the Holy See, and in recognition of their personal service to the Roman Catholic Church, through their exceptional labors and the excellent personal example they have given in their communities and in their countries.

Mr. Rocco Cingari, Knight/Our Lady Star of the Sea, Stamford Mr. George Landegger, Knight/St. Mary Parish, Ridgefield Mr. Frank Martire, Knight/St. Aloysius Parish, New Canaan Mrs. Marisa Martire, Dame/St. Aloysius Parish, New Canaan Mr. Thomas McInerney, Knight/Church of Assumption, Westport Mrs. Paula McInerney, Dame/Church of Assumption, Westport Mr. Denis Nayden, Knight/St. Leo Parish, Stamford Mrs. Britta Nayden, Dame/St. Leo Parish, Stamford Mr. Paul Queally, Knight/St Aloysius Parish, New Canaan Mrs. Anne Marie Queally, Dame/St. Aloysius Parish, New Canaan

Induction into the Order of Pope Saint Sylvester
The Order is intended to express the esteem of the Holy See and to honor Catholic and non-Catholic lay people who are actively involved in the life of the Church, particularly as it is exemplified in the exercise of their professional duties.

Mr. Lawrence Bossidy, Knight/St. Mary Parish, Ridgefield Mrs. Nancy Bossidy, Dame/St. Mary Parish, Ridgefield Mr. Salvatore Cingari, Jr., Knight/Our Lady Star of the Sea, Stamford Mrs. Catherine Cingari, Jr., Dame/Our Lady Star of the Sea, Stamford Mr. Thomas O’Malley, Knight/St. Catherine of Siena, Riverside Mrs. Mary Alice O’Malley, Dame/St. Catherine of Siena, Riverside Mr. Joseph Roxe, Knight/St. Thomas More Parish, Darien Mrs. Maureen Roxe, Dame/St. Thomas More Parish, Darien Mr. Brian Young, Knight/St. Thomas More Parish, Darien Mrs. Anne Young, Dame/St. Thomas More Parish, Darien