2019 Innovation & Leadership Grants Announced

January 31, 2019 | Foundations in Education | Media Mentions News

“Imagination is the mother of creativity and innovation and the foundation of true leadership,” remarked Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano, addressing Catholic school educators recently awarded 2019 grants in innovation and leadership.

“A true leader dares to see within the hearts of students; to unlock what may be hidden to them but obvious to you,” Caggiano added. “Our young people benefit not only because of your dedication, your professionalism, your knowledge, and your hard work, but because you are women and men of imagination.”

Foundations in Education is pleased to announce 26 grant awards totaling $125,000 to benefit Catholic schools in the Diocese of Bridgeport. In its 2nd year, this competitive program was the first of its kind to offer innovation and leadership grants to teachers and administrators.

The grant program promotes excellence in Catholic education by supporting a teacher’s creative project and their professional development. Grants funded through this program are intended for transformative initiatives that benefit multiple grade levels and have a long-term impact on student learning.

Educators submitted grant proposals from September 15 – October 31, 2018.

“We encouraged teachers to discover new and innovative avenues for learning,” explained Foundations’ Executive Director Holly Doherty-Lemoine. “Teachers are sharing their vision with us and we are listening.”

This year, Foundations received forty-five grant proposals from twenty-two of the twenty-six Diocesan-sponsored Catholic schools in Fairfield County. The grant requests totaled $353,016, nearly three times the available funding.

A grants committee carefully reviewed each proposal and submitted recommendations to Foundations’ Board of Trustees for approval. The committee is led by Dr. Julie McNamara, President Emeritus of Albertus Magnus College and Foundations’ Board member.

An awards ceremony took place on Thursday, January 31st at the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport where grant honorees shared their creative vision with Foundations’ Board of Trustees, Grant Committee members and Donors.

The event was sponsored by Milestone C. Co-Founder and CEO Cemocan Yesil commented, “Milestone C’s mission to shape future STEM leaders is in perfect lockstep with Foundations in Education’s work supporting Catholic schools in Fairfield County to remain at the cutting edge of academics and leadership development. Like-minded organizations in education supporting one another is the first step to securing the future of a young generation.”

Thanks to the generosity of its donors, Foundations in Education continues its ongoing commitment to strengthening and transforming Catholic education.

“I am excited to support these innovation grants that encourage our teachers and school leaders to seek out and implement new ideas to help our Catholic school students learn about, and respond to, the changing world,” commented Patrick Turner who supports the Foundation.

Foundations in Education is a non-profit initiative created to assist the Diocese of Bridgeport’s ongoing mission to support Catholic education in Fairfield County by supporting innovation in academic and extra-curricular programs, fostering opportunities for the professional development of school leaders and providing scholarship assistance to families in need.

To learn more about Foundations in Education or to learn how your gift can help transform the lives of Catholic school students, please visit the Foundations in Education website at: www.foundationsineducation.org.

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2019-2020 Innovation and Leadership Grant Awards