FIE exceeds Giving Tuesday Matching Gift Challenge

January 13, 2023 | Foundations in Education | General Media Mentions News

Bridgeport – The John and Ethel Kashulon Foundation partnered with Foundations in Education to provide a matching gift challenge for Giving Tuesday. From November 14 to December 3, the John and Ethel Kashulon Foundation agreed to match all donations to Foundations in Education up to a cumulative $20,000.

Foundations in Education sought to significantly increase awareness of the giving season and maximize these funds by striving to reach this goal. Thanks to 35 generous donors who contributed $40, 605, Foundations in Education met the Kashulon challenge, marking a $39,000 increase over the previous year’s giving.

Thanks to our savvy donors who timed their gifts to meet the challenge window, and the John and Ethel Kashulon Foundation’s generosity, the total raised was $60,605! Thank you to our donors and the John and Ethel Kashulon Foundation for their support, generous contributions and making a difference in many students’ lives, like the children pictured. Your gift transforms lives. Thank you!