Emergency COVID-19 Funding For K-8 Tuition Assistance

August 4, 2020 | Foundations in Education | General News

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting virtually every area of life for so many. In response, an anonymous donor to Foundations in Education has provided funding for COVID-19 Emergency Tuition Assistance for elementary school families in the Diocese of Bridgeport Catholic Schools who are suffering from the negative economic impact of the pandemic.

This incredibly prescient and generous gift is a welcomed and much needed addition to Foundations in Education, which has already awarded over $2.3 million from the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund in tuition assistance for the coming school year.

Foundations in Education is now accepting applications to the COVID-19 Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund. Families of K-8 students who have experienced loss of job, loss of income, COVID related medical costs, or other unanticipated financial hardship resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to apply.

“This gift is truly an answer to our prayers. Many of our families applied for assistance before the pandemic even hit. Imagine the elevated need resulting from the economic consequences facing our families because of business closures and the necessary state shut down. We pray that this assistance is enough to help ease the burden for our families and help keep their children in school,” commented Holly Doherty-Lemoine, Executive Director of Foundations in Education.

Within the first week of announcing the fund, Foundations in Education received over 100 applications for tuition relief assistance.

“Things are moving fast, but we want to be able to respond quickly so our families can make their decision to keep their children in our Catholic Schools, which we believe will provide students the stability, support and guidance they need to navigate these unprecedented times,” Holly further commented.

Applications to the COVID-19 Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund will be accepted until all funds are awarded. Details about the program and how to apply may be found on the Foundations in Education website: www.foundationsineducation.org/bishops-scholarship-fund.

Individuals or organizations interested in donating to this fund may do so on the Foundations in Education website at www.foundationsineducation.org/donate, or by contacting Megan Quinn, Assistant Director of Development at 203.416.1671.